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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


An intrusive piece, perhaps, but this is a sample of my rock collection for a school project.
Show and tell - my display cabinet

Geodes when cut open have hollow centres with visible crystals

Sand is rock weathered into grains. This collection of sand colours comes from Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight. The container is shaped like as frog.

Deep underground the crystals form curious shapes. This is byrites.

A fossils shell.

Granite has flecks of transparent quartz in it.

These are stone age flint knives, shaped around the edge and thin and sharp.

Rocks are created in very hot conditions. I found this lump in Lyme Regis, the crystals looking like frogspawn.

This is sandstone from Petra, Jordan and shows bands of different colours.

A fossil shell, very heavy. Shells turned to stone as the absorb minerals over millions of years

Marble - my fireplace

rocks with bands of different substances

Granite doorstop

Clay was used to make practical items - this is a Roman lamp 2000 years old while would be filled with olive oil with a wick coming out of the spout

A mystery cube of stone

Pure quartz - crystals of these were used in the first radios, called crystal sets

A soapstone carving of a beast, from Sinai

rocks sliced to show their insides

Mica has a shiny surface

A small fossil

An uncut geode

A piece of rose quartz

Rocks can be polished, this one into an egg shape

Coal comes from the ground, solidified trees and vegetation. My grandfather was a coal miner in Nottinghamshire from the ages of 12 till 65. He lived in Kirkby near Mansfield.

A piece of Roman pottery.

Clay is used to make pottery. This is a fun collection made in Copenhagen

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Early May.

The evergreen  Banksian Rose, collected for |Joseph Banks in 1807 from China, where it was already popular. Flowering period about a month.


Symphytum (dwarf comfrey)

This tub started with daffodils, then switched to tulips, and now has iris siberica in (see a later photo)

Kingcups and bog cabbage in front, purple hazel behind, and invisible pond in between. The hazel marks the grave of our first cat Sally.

The tulip Greenland

The Cercis flowers before its leaves come - this one is cercis canadensis Forest Pansy.

Apple tree in blossom, with lilac behind.

Pieris, in the ericacious bed as it needs lime-free conditions.

Alpine phlox

Mid May.
New additions to the auricula theatre.

A new bearded iris from East Ruston Garden

Giant alliums

Geranium, with choisa behind

Little nodding geum

The pea lathyrus verna

The rose 'Dunwich Rose', foreground




Pittosporum in flower.

Geranium kashmirianum


Late May

Dwarf lilac

Dunwich Rose


Banksian Rose

Solomon's Seal

Auricula theatre

Rose 'Canary Bird'

Persicaria, highlighted with geranium


Rosa moyesia Geranium

Ferns, behind the stately gunnera

Plants in pots, awaiting planting or sale.

Crinodendron, in the ericacious bed

with pieris in foreground

Purple leaved weigela

this one with a variegated sport

Iris time, Iris siberica 'Stephen'

Cornus in flower.